Yak management

Langdale Pikes

Langdale - we'll be there on Friday night

This Cumbria Way is getting as tricky as an trip to Everest: what with three walkers (Clare, Jane and Julia); two yaks (David and myself); two yak waggons – otherwise called motor cars. Even the lake ferries on Coniston Water and Derwent Waters only add to the complications…

David’s arriving a day late – he has a job, poor man. But Ulverston’s easier to get to by train than Coniston, given that Coniston’s rail line closed in 1958. So the four of us book into Coniston for two nights; drive to Ulverston in the morning; and leave the car for David to pick up 8 hours later. Cunning: just supposing he remembers his car keys. Then for Day Two, we two yaks haul luggage in one waggon to Langdale’s New Dungeon Ghyll; walk back to Coniston over as many hills as are to be had; and then drive the second waggon to Langdale. So not only do we get to do the section of the Cumbria Way in reverse, we also don’t do it after all given the upward attractions of Pike o’ Blisco and Swirl How…

Clare doesn’t think she’s ever walked 15 miles in a single day. Well, the day in question will be a Thursday, so there will in theory be a Coniston lake steamer from Lake Bank. Do they sell single tickets? If they don’t it’ll be expensive enough to tempt anyone into walking those last four miles.

The forecast says no rain at all over the next four days. Just the occasional shower of snow! Having left the odd night at Coniston Coppermines unbooked until five days ago, fate decreed that I’d get a bed there anyway, even though such casualness certainly doesn’t deserve one. A comfy bunk and snowy mountains to look up at: Cumbria here we come.